3/21/2013: Day 1



We arrive at River Bend Campground at 4:30pm. Sarah is crying because she is so thirsty and, of course, we have no water and there’s none at the Camp OfficeDSC_0826[1].  We get the camper in the site (after several tries).  Andrew hooks up the electric without event.  He gets the sewage hoses out and has no idea how to hook them up (I thought he already had this figured out).  After trying several options we forgo the septic and focus on heat. It is freezing here in Georgia too! As we’re heading for the inside of the camper, Emma is standing in the camper door in a puddle and has peed her pants (thankfully she did pee on the vinyl and not on the carpet).  Pee is running out the threshold and down the steps onto the ground.  We don’t have the water hooked up yet and I have no idea where her clean clothes are.  We get inside after I wipe up the pee and Andrew gets both gas and electric heat going.  It starts running really good for about five minutes then quits!  He tries several things and nothing works (we aren’t even sure exactly where the thermostat is). Emma is soaked and freezing.  I finally find her some mismatched clothes (pajama bottoms, no undies or socks, and no shoes).  I wipe up the pee as best I can on her (thankfully there were some paper towels left in the camper from cleaning).  We get the kids in the van and head to Anna’s first softball practice with her new team(which she is very nervous about for obvious reasons).  Right now Sarah, Emma, and myself are sitting in the warm van (too warm now according to Sarah who had me turn on the AC) waiting on Anna to get out of practice.  We are then going to get some water (we are all thirsty now) and head back to the camper to try and get it warm and flushing!  Who knows…we may end up spending our first night camping at the Ramada! DSC_0805[1]

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