3/22/2013: Day 2

It can only get better, right??? Well, it has been…somewhat!  Andrew humbled himself  and asked our neighbor, Jay (a veteran RVer), to help him last night.  Our new found friend found it very amusing that us young (I’m sure he was also thinking dumb) people had embarked on this journey  and couldn’t figure out the heat and sewer in our RV (I found it pretty amusing too, once we had heat)!  But anyways, back to the story. It turns out that we needed an adapter for the septic hose which we were able to pick up at Walmart. Andrew also called the man we bought the RV off of and found out how to operate the heat (I’m sure he also had a good laugh when he got off the phone).  He got the heat going and it was good and toasty for bedtime.  However, did you ever know that a tempurpedic pillow could freeze as stiff as a board? We sure didn’t! But ours were nice and board like for us to sleep on!  Thankfully, they thawed out quickly.  The girls had a great night sleeping in the new “magic bed” and Andrew and I were just thankful for a warm bed.

DSC_0683 DSC_0684



Now, back to today (sorry I’m jumping around so much but I had to finish the happenings of last night).  We still didn’t have the water hooked up when Andrew left for work this morning so the girls and I had to go to the bathhouse to shower.  That was an ordeal!  The sign in the bathhouse read “Please close door, the heat is on” but it was so cold in there that we could’ve left the door open and not been able to tell the difference.  On the bright side…we had warm water.  I didn’t think this through when we left the RV because I only brought one set of toiletries. So, we all had to cram in one shower stall (yes, all four of us). If you’ve ever shared a shower head with anyone you know that it’s impossible to have a constant flow of water all to yourself.  The kids were screaming about the cold air, water getting in their eyes, and about the ladybug that decided to join us as well (Sarah asked me if it could kill you)!  We finally got everybody clean and clothed and headed back to camp…only to find that we couldn’t get the door to the RV open!  The handle seemed to be broken.  I told the girls we’d just have to wait in the van until Andrew came home from work (it was freezing outside and we had towels wrapped around our heads).  It was also early in the day and would be awhile before he got here AND our dog was locked inside the RV yelping! We all went back to the van where it was warm and I had a brilliant idea… I could put Emma up the laundry shoot (yes, ours has one)!  I wasn’t sure if she could get the sink cabinet doors open once she got up there but it was worth a try.  Of course the other girls were upset that they couldn’t be the one going up the shoot (does that seem like a fun thing?).  Before I hoisted her up I wanted to try one more time to get the door open…it opened, much to our disappointment!  I really did want  to try the laundry shoot :(.  That doesn’t mean it won’t happen again and then we’ll know what we have to do!

Once Andrew got home we all loaded up to find something for dinner.  I still haven’t found my cookware so we’re having to eat out for dinner.  Andrew’s co-worker had suggested a place that had really good pizza so that’s where we headed (those Ruryk men love pizza).  The restaurant was very nice (we were very under dressed) and the pizza was awesome!  As we say “it’s definitely a do-over”!  Andrew got the water hooked up tonight as well so things are looking up…except that I’ve lost my wallet!  I told Andrew God is developing character in us :).

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