3/25/2013: Day 5

I woke up this morning with all 3 girls and the dog in bed with me.  So much for a good night’s rest ;).  The morning was busy packing up more belongings to bring back to GA.  It sure was strange to go in our house and it be nearly empty.  Such wonderful memories there for sure.  After loading up I headed to La Casa for lunch with my girlsfriends Emily, Aleta, and Janine!  I love it when we get together.  We had a great time catching up with each other and of course, eating 🙂  I just wish I had taken my camera in and got some pictures to post.  I’ll have to remember next time.  After lunch I jetted back and loaded up the girls and headed to Wise for my follow up appt. with my doctor which, praise God, went very well! All my test results were normal! Whew! What a relief!  We started off the trip back with snow flying but not sticking to the road. It was smooth sailing until we got to Unicoi County in TN and it was sticking to the roads.  From there on it was touch and go, especially on those enormous mountains in NC (some of them had 3 runaway ramps)!  I don’t take them but I sure could’ve used a nerve pill on that trip!  When we hit Asheville, the strangest thing happened…my van headed straight for Dunkin Donuts!  Since we were already there we figured we’d better get some donuts, you know, just in case (I’m not sure what that “case” may have been but it made sense at the time).  So we trudged along those snowy roads singing “Dooley” by the Darlings (over and over and over and over and….).  I was never so glad to see that camper as I was tonight!  We got out of the van and ran inside and piled up on top of Andrew! We sure did miss him.  It’s funny how quickly this little abode is becoming home 🙂  Now I’m laying in my warm, comfy bed getting ready to close my eyes for a (hopefully) peaceful night’s rest…zzzzzzz.

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