3/26/2013: Day 6

We woke up to a dusting of snow this morning and cold wind. This is feeling too much like Va! I’m looking very forward to the 60’s the end of the week. The girls and I unpacked more boxes and are closer to getting the kitchen finished. I am looking forward to a fully working kitchen again!  Eating out has been a nice break, don’t get me wrong.  But we start missing home cookin’ after awhile 🙂

We drove to Murphy, NC to Walmart today…that is the biggest Walmart I think I’ve ever been in (I know that sounds very country bumpkinish)! Seriously…it’s huge. The two ends are so far apart that the one you’re looking at is blurry. Crazy. It was so nice to be in there and not know a single person. People may think I’m weird but there is something so exhilarating about going into a store (especially Walmart because back home you always ran into someone you knew) and know that there isn’t anyone in there that will know you.  The girls dressed themselves and didn’t match and Sarah and Emma had wild, uncombed hair and I didn’t have any makeup on or my hair fixed but I thought, who cares???? No one knows who I am! It was great!  If you’ve never felt that feeling, you’re missing out!

Andrew is doing better at work but still struggling. It will get easier as he becomes more familiar with the area. He’s been putting in about 12 hour days.  He says people on his route are wondering why the mailman has Va tags!  We’ve got to get all that changed over next week.

I finally got Skype installed on my computer!  It’s about time, I know.  We got to Skype with Andrew’s twin brother, Anthony and his wife Jennifer, this evening. Very neat.  It’s things like that and Facetime, and Facebook that help so much when you move away.  It’s great to still be able to be involved with everybody.

When I got the girls in bed tonight Sarah asked me to “num” (hum). So sweet! Just like I love when she says “doos” instead of does.  I miss when they no longer say those sweet things 🙁

It’s bedtime for me too! Sweet dreams.


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