3/28/2013: Day 8

Another awesome day!  It started off cold and frosty but that sun was shining bright and soon warmed up into the 50’s.

Can I just first say that I was up until 3am trying to get this blog going???  I have been journaling our days and taking pictures but hadn’t had the time to put it all together on the blog.  When I finish this entry I will be caught up and will send the link to my friends and family.  I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think about it and our daily adventures :).

It’s torture for them to see a covered pool.
Red Georgia dirt.

I also just want to shout out that I LOVE campground living! Grant it, there’s very few people here right now (ask me again mid summer what I think about it and my answer may be different).  The “camping season” doesn’t officially start until Monday.  But, it is so nice to have our own playground and river.  The girls and I (and Bitsy) went walking all around the property today snapping shots (of course) and just enjoying being outside.

. DSC_0837[1] DSC_0838[1]

Even Andrew got in on the fun today with some horseshoe!










We also found a fossil in the rocks at the playground.

DSC_0897                                                                                                                             And I made our first dinner since being here.


chicken stew




And on one last note…the girls made a new friend with the five year old grandson of the owners of the campground.  Him and Sarah were sitting under the playground equipment talking and I heard Sarah say to him, “One time, when I was constipated, I didn’t want to poopie. It hurt real bad.”  I had to turn my head and have a good laugh! Oh my!  Thankfully the boy’s daddy was not within ear shot!


  1. Oh my! I laughed so hard when I read what Sarah said! Glad to know my kids aren’t the only ones that say things like this. When I was pregnant with Haddon we were in an ice cream shop and Brad asked Miana and Elijah what we should name the baby and 3 y/o Elijah shouted out where everyone could hear “I think we should name him Constipated!” Love the blog and reading about your adventures.


  2. Love it! Keep it up….we will be hanging on to hear what’s up in your new neck of the woods!


  3. I too busted out laughing, when I read at Sarah said! I can see her, and hear her, she is so funny! Love the blog, I feel like we are there with ya! Miss you all!


  4. Sarah is hilarious! Love it! Miss you guys!


  5. We are sure missing you guys, looks so lonely when I drive by your house. Hope you are having a good time.


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