3/29/2013: Day 9

I was up earlier than usual this morning and boy were those birds chirping!  The more I hear and see heralding spring the more excited I get!

We were in the RV for a good part of the day today and I’m sure you can guess what we were doing…unpacking!  I had to go to storage to get more stuff and I realized there is NO way we are going to be able to fit it all in here.  I will have to pack back up some items and put them back in storage for safe keeping (I mean, how often am I really going to use a deviled egg tray???).   Some things you just realize you CAN make it without!

The girls and I went for a drive today to Clayton, GA to go to (you’ll never believe it)….Walmart!  I have become a Walmart stalker since moving here! There are a few around us and they are all in different cities so I figured I needed to be familiar with them all, right?  It was a beautiful drive through Chattahoochee National Forest (and it was not hotter than a hoochie koochie…sorry, I had to say it).   We ate lunch at Chick-fil-A which is one of my favorite fast food restaurants because you can order things that are healthier than most other places (I’m not talking about the waffle fries I got).  There was the neatest antique shop there. It was on the side of the road on the way  and I really wanted to get a picture of it.  I’ll have to drive back over there soon and get one.  Very eclectic.

The girls had Bitsy outside today (on a broken leash) and she got loose from them.  I stood there watching them run all over trying to catch her (she loves to play this game with them).  Just when they’d get close enough to grab her she would dart away.  Emma, my fearless competitor, had had enough (this is the same child that got up during group time at Camp Jacob last summer and dropped down in the grass and started doing man push-ups!).  She was in the lead running after her. When she got close enough to her she did a big, diving, linebacker tackle and grabbed her!  I was so proud :).  It was beautiful!  She didn’t give a thought to her clothes or anything.  She just knew she was not letting that dog get away from her again.  I have laughed and laughed about it all day.  Of course when I told Andrew about it this evening he gave her a big high five!

We also got to check out the laundry room facilities here at the campground today.  I took Sarah and Emma with me while Andrew had Anna at softball practice.  They had a great time counting out the quarters and putting them in the slots…not to mention watching the washer go round and round.  They even loaded the washers for me.



DSC_0949[1]                   DSC_0944[1]






What was even better was they were working and didn’t even know it!  We turned that laundry room into a classroom too with all that money counting and centrifugal force observation (again, they didn’t even realize it was school).  Gotta love moments like that :).


Tonight we are preparing for our extended weekend road trip to Florida to spend Easter with Andrew’s family and we are so excited!  Aaaaahhhhhh…the SUNSHINE state, here we come!  When we return from our trip we will be moving to the campground where we plan to spend the remainder of the summer and part of fall….new adventures await!

Oh, and I almost forgot one of the best things…we get to leave the dog at a “pet lodge”! 😉  Love her but I need a break!


  1. Kristy, I just love the pictures. Looks like you all are having lots of fun. We miss you all back here in the mountains. Happy Easter to all of you. Love, Aunt Ruby


  2. Oh, Kristy,
    I LOVE it!!!!! I had no idea you would be living in an RV! How exciting. This blog is absolutely amazing!!! I am thrilled. I am so thrilled that you all are living your dream. Homeschooling will be so neat, neat, neat!! That is the desire of your heart, too. I am so, so excited that I have been sitting here reading each day and just squealing with delight. You go girl!!!! I am so happy for your family.
    Kathy Earwood


  3. Kristy,

    I am so excited about your blog. I really fell like I am living part of the experience with you guys. Well i hope ou purchased a new leash, but I really would have love d to have seen the tackle. Love you and miss ou. Take care.


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