3/30/2013: Day 10

Wow!  What a warm up today was! When we went by the bank before noon it was already 62!  Lovin’ this warm Georgia weather 🙂

We dropped Bitsy off at the pet lodge…it was a little sad.  I thought the girls were going to cry but they made it through without a tear ;).


I hadn’t mentioned this before but we have a “bit” of a ladybug problem in the camper.  There is good sized extended family of them that have made it their  home.  The warmer it gets, the more there are!  We have been on bug patrol for several days.  We’re trying not to kill them (except Anna who went through here yesterday with a fly swat and eradicated several…she has bug issues) and instead suck them up in the vacuum and put them outside.  I’m just afraid they’re making their way back in!  Any suggestions on how to get rid of them…without the use of harmful chemicals?  They’re really “bugging” me!

A wonderful friend of mine was wanting to see pictures of the inside of our camper so, Joelle, these are for you! 🙂


DSC_0954[1] DSC_0962[1] DSC_0961[1] DSC_0958[1] DSC_0963[1] DSC_0966[1] DSC_0964[1] DSC_0968[1] DSC_0967[1]


The trip to Florida went well, thank God, and we arrived around 12:30am (central time).  Talk about a worn out bunch…we were!  Looking forward to Easter morning! So thankful for the price that was paid for me :).

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