3/31/2013: Day 11

Happy Easter!

We had such a blessed day.  The kids woke up so excited this morning to get to see and play with their Florida cousins and get their Easter baskets!  It was so good to be with them all again.

DSC_0974[1] DSC_0970[1] DSC_0972[2] DSC_0975[1]DSC_0978[1]

Their are 10 of us staying together so we had a busy morning of fixing hair and getting dressed.

DSC_0990[1] DSC_0988[1] DSC_0985[1] DSC_0980[1] DSC_0982[1]

We went to church and had a wonderful outdoor brunch followed by a great Easter service.  After church we got to visit with all of Andrew’s family and color and hide eggs in the back yard (the kids hid the eggs for the parents too :))…it was in the 70’s here today.  Loved it!

DSC_0028[1] DSC_1007[1] DSC_1001[1] DSC_0995[1]

The kids played outside for the majority of the day and were nice and sandy when they came in for the evening! I say you can gauge the amount of fun a child has had outside by the amount of dirt on them… today it was sand. They love playing in that stuff!


After a pizza dinner (I told you those Ruryk men love their pizza), it was bedtime for the kiddos and movie night for the parents! Looking forward to tomorrow…Lord willing and weather permitting we’re heading to the beach to fly kites!


  1. Kristy, I have never seen a picture of Andrew and his twin brother! Thanks for sharing.


    1. You’re welcome! They are looking even more alike as they’ve gotten older!


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