4/1/2013: Day 12

Well, I have some news… After being here in Florida for  a few days we have now decided we are moving to Florida.

April fools!!! I had to play an April Fool’s Day joke on everybody :).  And speaking of being April Fooled, I was today….by Anna!  We were driving back to Andrew’s brother’s house from the beach this evening and Anna found some glass chalk in the car (you know, everyone has some lying around in their vehicle, right?…uh, no). While we were driving (down the very busy highway) she wrote “Just Married” on the windows in the back seat!!! When she told us what she did we had a good laugh!  The funniest part is that it was me and my sister-in-law in the front seats!!! That Anna is so comical and witty! Andrew’s already cleaned it off…I thought we should’ve left it on awhile for laughs :).


And speaking of the beach, we had a blast today! The weather was perfect…sunny, warm, breezy. A great day to fly kites! I don’t ever remember being able to stand in one place and my kite just hang out in the sky without any effort on my part. Back home you’d have to run your legs off to keep it up in the air! My arm actually got tired from holding it up so long and I thought, “this can get kind of boring”! We went to the beach with our regular clothes on and no swim suits because we knew the water would be too cold and the breeze was chilly.  When we got there people were everywhere in their bathing suits and were swimming!  We let the kids get their feet in the water and it was COLD! I also had to get my feet in and before you know it we were all drenched! The longer you were in the water the less cold it was…guess we got numb after awhile! The kids had a blast! There was so much squealing and laughing going on…well worth wet, sandy clothes.

IMG_0387[1] IMG_0392[1] IMG_0396[2] IMG_0405[1] IMG_0406[1] IMG_0409[1] IMG_0415[1]

We also went and ate at our favorite restaurant here…Founaris Brothers.  It’s a family owned Greek restaurant and it is awesome!  We ordered the pizza we always get called “Super 7” with gyro meat.  It’s so hearty and rich you can only eat one or two pieces (unless you are a Ruryk man and then the actual number is sketchy). Here’s a picture of it.IMG_0382[1]

Oh, back up! I forgot to mention we stopped by Krispy Kreme and got donuts and coffee and took them to the beach (I think I’m becoming a donutaholic…I’m also sure I just made a new word).  This brought back memories of one of the best days at Myrtle Beach I ever remember with my cousin, Teresa, who passed away last year.  I’ll never have donuts on the beach but what I won’t think of her. She was one amazing lady.

In the morning we’ll be singing “On the road again…”!  We plan to get up very early and leave so we can get back and pick up Bitsy and move the camper to the new campground.  We are looking forward to it. Anna also has her first softball game tomorrow evening.  I sure will miss Andrew’s family. The nice thing is we don’t live so far away anymore and hopefully will be able to see them much more often. Better get to bed so I will be able to beat the sun up in the morning!


  1. Kristy, what kind of meat is (gyro meat)? It looks delicious. Hope you got moved to the new camping area. Is it very far from the one you were at? Anxious to see the pictures of the new camping area.Love and miss you all.


    1. Hey Ruby! Gyro meat is a Greek sandwich meat that is traditionally lamb. It has spices added and is roasted. It is delicious! Love you and miss you too! I’ll post pics of the new campground, hopefully tomorrow!


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