4/2/2013: Day 13

Shew!  I have been chomping at the bit waiting to get our wireless internet pass code (today is actually the 4th and I’m having to play catch up) so I can start blogging again!

The last you heard from us we were getting ready to leave sunny Florida :(.  We got up early this morning and left (I can’t tell you how bad I wanted to sleep in this morning!) and headed due north.  Boy, Atlanta traffic is a bear! But we got to see it in the sunlight and I’ve already set my sights on a field trip to The Weather Channel! Anna was really excited when she saw that building (she’s always had an interest in weather).

When we got back to Georgia our first stop was the Pet Lodge to pick up Bitsy.  That dog went nuts when she saw us!  She sure was glad to be back with her family.

We then set about moving the camper to our new campground.  Things went much smoother with this set up than the first!  The people that run the campground were super helpful with getting things parked and leveled.  They brought their tractor to our site and just took over!  Our new neighbors came over and introduced themselves…Larry and Linda…super nice people!  They told us the campers all around us were great people and that we would love it here. What a comfort!  One of the men helping with our camper was named Gary and he had the thickest Georgia accent I believe I  have ever heard!  I could’ve sat there for hours and listened to him talk!  We liked the last campground we were at so much that I wasn’t sure how we’d feel about this one but I think we’re going to like it very much here!  There’s a lot for the kids to do (putt putt golf, pedal boats, pool, basketball, etc.) and we can all ride bikes around the grounds (Andrew and I have to get ours ASAP).  Fun times are ahead!

Anna also had her first softball game tonight… they WON 10-2 and she scored a run!!! We were so proud :).  It was pretty chilly,especially after that near 80 degree weather in Florida! DSC_0098[1] DSC_0102[1] DSC_0127[1]

Emma and Sarah ran around to stay warm….

DSC_0131[1] DSC_0133[1]

We settled in tonight for a much needed rest after all that traveling today.  There’s nothing like your own bed :0)

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  1. Hey guys! It sounds n looks like you are having a great time!!!! I wish u had took me with you,lol !!!!!! Love you all so much n will keep you all n my prayers!!!!!! I hope everything stays well n safe!!!!


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