4/3/2013: Day 14

We finally got to meet another homeschool family in the area today that I have been emailing for the past couple of months.  We all met up at the “beach park” on the lake for an afternoon of playtime and a picnic lunch.  They had a daughter Anna’s age and she was very glad to have a friend to play with.  I miss getting to see and talk to the moms in our homeschool group back in VA so I really enjoyed having another mom to chat with…great therapy :).  We also met a family of the “fowl” kind…geese and ducks that live there on the lake…it would’ve been nice to see pictures here, huh?  Well, I was so busy at the park watching the kids and talking with my new found friend that I didn’t even get the camera out of it’s bag :(.  I’ll do better!

There are also several other kids here at the campground.  The girls can’t wait to get to that playground and check them all out!  I, on the other hand, have been checking out the people riding around on golf carts!!! You’ll never guess what I want now…wouldn’t that be the coolest???? Just riding all around the campground in a golf cart! This is the one I want…

Hahahahaha!!!! Not really but I thought it was VERY cool and we could all fit in it at the same time ;).   Who knows what we’ll end up with!  Check back and see 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot this…I have been noticing since we’ve been at this campground that the camper has been very “shaky” when anyone makes even the smallest movement (the dog could be walking through and it would shimmy).  And tonight when I was laying in bed with the girls singing to them the back end was moving so much that I thought we were going to roll away!  I told him when I came out of their room that the camper sure has been wobbly since we’ve been here. He laid there in silence for a few seconds and then busted out laughing.  He said “Do you know what? I forgot to put those back jacks down!!!!”  Well, what a laugh!  Ha! So we aren’t as “seasoned” as we thought this time! Thank God we don’t plan to move it again from here for a good, long while :).

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  1. Yea I bet it is a really big plus just to be able to home school the kids? I have always wanted to do that with mine but i didn’t know what to do to make it happen?? Well tell all your babies I said hello n I love u all !!!!!!


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