4/4/2013: Day 15

I realized when typing today’s date on this post that we have been here for 2 weeks as of yesterday!  Wow! I can’t believe we’ve already been here for 15 days!  It’s crazy. I would say “the saying” about time flying but we all know it and I’m sure you expected me to say it so you were already thinking it!

We really have been having fun though.  This has been a learning experience for us in SO many ways!  One thing I have noticed about myself is that I’m much less materialistic (something I have struggled with) and another is being less concerned about what others think of me (which, at times, has a been a thorn in my flesh).  Now, I’m not saying I’m totally free from these flaws but I’m definitely getting closer!  I was just thinking about it today…it feels good.  I know that God is using this whole experience to make us more like Christ, and I’m excited to see the people we become through it all!

Something that has tested me today were my trips (yes, more than one) to the DMV (here it’s divided into 2 different entities so the one I visited was called DDS).  Anyways, I went to get my Georgia drivers license and I know that I could’ve crossed into Mexico with less trouble…seriously.  I’m surprised they didn’t ask me for a DNA sample!  I had to keep telling myself “It’s not these ladies’ fault, they’re just trying to do their job and follow the guidelines that have been given to them.”  But it sure was difficult not to lose my cool… especially when I had to leave for the SECOND time without a license.  I’ll go back tomorrow (hopefully for the last time for several years) and try to get it all straightened out.  Shew!

On a good note, we went to set up a bank account during all this craziness and the ladies there were not only exceptionally nice (they gave our girls helium balloons and candy and invited us back tomorrow for popcorn…hello customer service!) but they were very helpful with suggestions on doctors, vets, restaurants, and my personal favorite… their choice of Walmart (which I haven’t been to yet so guess where we’re going, probably this weekend?)!  I also learned that there are outlet malls about an hour away! Yay! Things are looking even brighter!

We visited one of those restaurants tonight (we needed a boost after our last DMV trip) and it was really good…those loaded cheese fries just made all that tension melt away :).  It’s always so nice to have someone else cook for you, wait on you, and then clean up after you (no wonder being a kid is so great)!

The evening was topped off with one of the finer things in life…a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks…aaaahhhh!

Andrew also got the awning out…I have been so excited to get that thing up!  Now all I need is a set of those big colorful lights to string around it and my outdoor furniture set up and we are officially “camping”!

We’re hoping to get in our first campfire tomorrow (we had a fire in our fire ring at the other site but I was burning trash…in the middle of the day…so that didn’t count)! Plus, it really isn’t a campfire unless you’re eating smores, right? So, I guess I’ll be FORCED to consume more chocolate delicacies tomorrow.  This is a tough life…not for the faint at heart! 😉  I’m slowly forcing myself back into those morning runs (and I don’t mean hurried trips to the bathroom)!  There is a pool on these grounds and I refuse to wear cut off jeans and a t-shirt to swim in!

Oh, a funny story really quick before I sign off.  We, of course, have to clean up after Bitsy when she does #2 (yuck).  We’ve been putting it a plastic bag and hanging it on the antenna of the van (we can’t throw it in the trash can in the RV for obvious reasons) until I can drive up to the dumpster and pitch it.  Well, we were driving up the road take the “stuff” to the dumpster and the bag started sliding up the antenna and trying to fly off!  Anna is yelling, “The poop’s going come out!”  I quickly stopped the van and, sure enough, no poo poo!  I’m not sure where it went so I just threw away the empty bag.  That’s one of those times when you hope no one is watching!



  1. Hey Kristy we sure enjoy reading your blog. I miss you guys so much and I hate going past your house everyday knowing your not there. Church is different without you all too. I am glad though that you all are doing good and are liking it there and that the girls are making friends. Tell them we love them. Tell anna she looked beautiful on easter. Love you all.


  2. kristy,

    the poop story is funny. Have you ever thought of just flushing it down your toilet in the camper?


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