4/6/2013: Day 17

What a day!!!  I am going to start with the beginning and try to stay on course.  I warn you…this is going to be a long one!

It started off lovely…sunny, blue skies, warmer.  After breakfast and morning chores, we hit the playground.  The girls were excited because there were kids there to play with.  Their favorite thing was the merry-go-round and they were spinning round and round.  When the other kids got on I went to the see saw with Sarah.   Have any of you experienced the joy of a see saw as an adult?  I can describe it in one word…BURN!  I’ll explain… we were having a great time.  Sarah was on the other end (I was having to do the work for her and myself).  We were laughing together (she is soooo cute when she laughs), having a good ole time when it hit me.  My legs started burning…bad!  I was thinking to myself that I had to get off that thing!  Thankfully Sarah tired of it quickly (only God knows what would’ve happened if I had to stay it on it any longer).  It felt like I had been doing wall squats for 5 minutes!  I’m going to have to get on it for about 5 minutes every day to condition myself!  I feel like I’m getting older.  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?????

DSC_0206[1] DSC_0212[1]


Oh wait!  I have to back up for this part.  Okay, yesterday, I noticed when we flushed the toilet that I could see the toilet paper and “stuff” down in there.  Normally it just goes away.  I’m not sure how familiar you are with most RV toilets.  There is a flap that covers the hole in the bottom of the toilet.  You have to step on a pedal, which opens the hole, water runs into the bowl, and it all flushes down, like the one below.

Now that you’ve all had an RV Toilet Use 101 crash course, let’s move on.  Well, we kept using the toilet and the “pile” kept getting higher and higher (I’m trying to use words that aren’t too graphic…not sure I’m succeeding).  I told Andrew last night something was going to have to be done.  He did the only thing he knew to do…Google.  He looked at several articles about unclogging an RV toilet but he didn’t have  the things that were needed so it had to wait.  He had to work today (now, we’re back to today).  So, he told me this morning for us not to use the toilet  for number 2 (not an easy task for a probiotic family).  During this time while he was gone to work the girls and me were talking about what we’d like to have for dinner this coming week. Emma said soup beans.  I said yes, that we could have 16 bean soup.  Anna said “Uh, I don’t think so. That bath house is going to be hurtin’ with no toilet.”  Yeah, probably not the best food to eat when you have a good walk to the potty.  The first of many times today I have had a good laugh.


After Andrew got home from work we went for a walk around the campground (I’ll post pics I took tomorrow, otherwise this will become the blog that never ends!).  And came back and had our first outdoor dinner…that really felt like camping!


DSC_0256[1]Then me and the girls went back to the park with some wonderful Christian neighbors we met today (prayers answered) while he googled some more about the toilet (it is now stopped all the way up).  When we got back to the camper, Emma opened the bathroom door to find that the toilet had overflowed into the floor!  Andrew made a bee-line to Walmart while me and the girls went to our new friends’ site for Smores (I know…AGAIN. It was torture…hahaha).

We showered at the bath house since Andrew had the water turned off and we had to use the bathroom anyway.  After getting the girls to bed Andrew finally made it back with his “tools” (they looked a little scary).  He strapped on his headlight, put on his rubber gloves, and went to work.  He tried the “snake” without success.  His next option was to hook a connector to the outside sewage line and the water hose and “shoot” water into the lines.  Can you see where this is going?  We have a toilet that is already at maximum capacity and he is going to forcefully inject water into the lines.  I’m having flashbacks from a certain movie of a…well, there’s no nice way to say this…sewage volcano!  Before he got out the door, we heard this strange, loud sound coming from the bathroom.  He rushed in to find that it had “broken loose” and is now draining.  I’ve got to tell you, when I heard that sound I was afraid of what he’d find in there!  Whew, what a relief!  This could have turned really nasty, to say the least! Thankfully, the only damage done was the water that had overflowed into the floor (which Andrew also discovered had leaked into the storage compartment under the camper) which we now have a heater and fan blowing on.  I’ll be doing some serious floor care tomorrow!



I want to say that there is nothing this man can’t do!  He may not know the solution right away, but he will find it and when he does…LOOK OUT!!! I love my husband 🙂  Looking forward to a more peaceful day tomorrow!




  1. Hope you are having the time of your life….looks like you are. Good luck!


  2. Kristy,

    Human poop story funny too! We did a lot of camping in trailers when I was young. I remember my dad put some kind of chemicals in the toilet that helped dissolve #2 and then there is special TP you can buy at a camper supply store that is suppose to slide down easier. Maybe you already do this, but thought it was worth sharing. Happy pooping…lol


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