4/7/2013: Day 18

What a wonderful Sunday!

We went to church at First Freewill Baptist Church this morning for the first time.  I just happened to drive by it one day and was surprised to see one (FWB churches aren’t very common in the south).  We enjoyed it so much.  It was a huge church but once you got inside it felt “small town”. Does that make sense?  There was a man there visiting from Romania and was talking about wonderful things God is doing there.  He also mentioned things in the Ukraine, which was very interesting for us since Andrew’s grandfather was from there.  The service was wonderful…very spiritual, and the people were so friendly and welcoming.  We also learned they have a Christian Academy at the church (great to know if we ever have a need or calling to put our girls in “school”).  This may be the church for us!  We’re still praying about it and letting The Lord lead us.

I spent the afternoon getting our homeschool things organized while Andrew had the girls at the park.  It’s back to our regular routine tomorrow.  In a strange way I’m looking forward to it.  I love learning right along with the kids.  I really think a homeschool mom should be on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”…I’m sure she would be.  We’ve got all of our posters and timeline up on the walls and have turned the RV into a full fledged school!  We asked the girls what they thought about ever going to a Christian school… Anna said, “I think I’d rather stay home. I wouldn’t want to get up so early and have to go out into the cold and I wouldn’t want to be around all those other kids and get sick!”  Can you tell we’ve had our share of illness this winter??? I am praying for a “sick-free” summer.

I wanted to share the pictures I took around the campground yesterday.  We still haven’t been all around it yet…hope to this week.

DSC_0228[1] DSC_0229[1] DSC_0247[1] DSC_0248[1]

DSC_0250[1]DSC_0239[1] DSC_0250[1] DSC_0232[1] DSC_0245[1] DSC_0243[1]

I also wanted to add another tidbit of very value info we learned yesterday during all of our septic trouble…CAMPER TOILET PAPER!!! Who would’ve thought there even was such a thing?  Well, there is and evidently, we were supposed to be using it!  Now if we can only find a business that sells it around here.

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