4/8/2013: Day 19

I’m having trouble thinking to write today’s post…my mind seems to be in a fog.  It could be because of the bedtime snack I had awhile ago…


Or it may be because I just finished reading THREE (long) chapters of “Little Town On The Prairie” to the girls because we couldn’t put it down!   They begged me after each chapter was over to please read more!  They couldn’t stand not knowing what would happen next (honestly, neither could I).  I told them I’d keep reading if they would get up in the morning without trouble (we’ll see how that turns out). 😉

I still have trouble dealing with that mean, little, rotten Nellie Oleson!

It was so absorbing to see the difference in Anna’s and Emma’s personalities and how they process things so differently.  Emma was so fired up and mad over Nellie’s and Miss Wilder’s mistreatment of Laura.  Anna was upset because of Laura’s unforgiving heart and the hatred she was harboring.  It turned into a wonderful teaching moment about character, love, and forgiveness.  I think tonight is the first time I’ve really seen  such a stark difference in them.  I mean, I’ve known they were different but just to get to observe their contrasting personalities and responses to the same scenario.  It was… I can’t even think of the word I’m looking for…interesting, amazing.  I don’t know.  I do know I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to get a better grasp on how they think and feel and process.  It’s always wonderful to get insight on your children like I did tonight. 🙂  So thankful!

Well, today it was “back to the drawing board”…literally!  We were back in full swing with, what I like to call, “sit down school”.

DSC_0259[1] DSC_0260[1] DSC_0263[1]


They have been learning invaluable life lessons since we have been here but it was time to dust the workbooks off and incorporate them into our school day once again.  After all, they don’t get tested on how to efficiently organize a pantry or how to maximize storage in a minimal space or how to work together as a family to keep a smoothly (this is debatable) operating RV.  But I am so thankful they are getting to live this experience.  I pray I am blessed to be able to hear them retell these very stories we are living now to their own children one day.  This is the stuff memories are made of!  This next statement might seem a bit corny but it just came to me and I’m going to share it!  Life is a lot like a peach…you have to get through all that fuzz if you want to enjoy the best part!



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