4/9/2013: Day 20

Hello springtime!  What a gorgeous day out there today!  I’m sure most of you had that same kind of weather.  BEAUTIFUL!  Now…if I can only find my summer clothes.

We are now technically “official” Georgians (Andrew calls us Georgidians!).  Not only do we have our driver’s license but our vehicles bear the peachy Georgia plates! I just stood there looking at them after Andrew got them on.  This is the first time I haven’t had Virginia tags.  It looked so strange but was exciting at the same time.

We also checked out one of the local libraries in the area today.  I took my camera to get pictures but I was so excited to get some good books for the kids I didn’t even get it out of the bag.  It was a really neat stone building too…next time! One of the librarians there was also so helpful with community events and helpful tidbits.  I very much welcome any information from the locals.

I have realized something today…I have gone to the grocery store way too much since I’ve been here!  It’s been a big adjustment having a small freezer and fridge.  I’m used to heavy couponing and storing up large quantities of products (you should’ve seen how many boxes of pasta I had at my house before we moved…ridiculous).  Now I find myself looking at things and asking “will this even fit in the fridge”…eg. that huge jar of pickles we all love.  I need to get some ice for our cooler and store some things in it for more space.  I’m up for a challenge and I’m determined to find a solution.

One of my favorite parts of the day was our evening walk after dinner.  I love that time of day when it’s still daylight but you can tell it won’t be long until it gets dark.  The temps were cooler and it was just such a peaceful feeling.  Again,  no pictures.

Most everything went pretty smoothly today, thank The Lord…except that the septic stopped up again.  Andrew was able to clear it out without event but we still are on the lookout for “camper toilet paper.”  Guess I’ll be making ANOTHER trip to Walmart tomorrow!

Goodnight all! I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.



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