4/10/2013: Day 21

Talk about a warm Georgia day…we had it today!  It was hotter than Papa Bear’s porridge and I loved it!

We had a great day with a wonderful family we have made friends with.  We all met up and visited an outdoor Indian museum complete with replicas of their summer and winter houses.  It was very interesting and the best part was it was FREE!  I love those field trips.

DSC_0271[1] DSC_0276[1] DSC_0285[1] DSC_0298[1] DSC_0279[1] DSC_0277[1]

Anna also decided she could actually live in the wigwam. Whew!  That’s a burden lifted.  We don’t even need to look for a house now.  I wish I had known this before we bought the RV…could’ve saved ourselves some money. 🙂  I already know what my Indian name would be too… Chief Cantrememberathing.  Those of you who know me well would agree.

My sweet new friend sent us home with this beauty…


(she grinds her own wheat) and a dozen yard eggs.  Thanks so much Jessica!  I am looking forward to a piece of that bread tomorrow morning with some of my momma’s homemade apple butter…yummy!

It was so hot in the RV when we got home that we ended up doing school on the picnic table (which was very nice but it made it hard to concentrate with all that sunshine beaming and birds chirping…was almost torture to have sit there).  But we made it through it unharmed.  😉

We went to Bible study this evening and a guest speaker was there talking on missions and the Great Commission…it was a “shin barker” for sure.  One of the many areas I need to work on.

Well, I’m going to call it a night.  I’d like to get up early in the morning and start my exercise routine again.  It was around this time last year that I started running…and I ran all summer.


Hahaha!  Seriously, I do want to get back into running.  I want to run another 5K this year and beat my time last year.  Wait…I don’t remember what that was (refer back to my Indian name).  Well, If I’m going to get up early enough I have to get in bed.  Sweet dreams!




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