4/11/2013: Day 22

I’m lying here in bed listening to the rain pounding on the roof of the camper (aaaawwww) and challenging my husband in “Ruzzle”!  I’m not sure which I’m enjoying more since I am beating him  AND I love to listen to the rain…tough choice!

We’ve been through “some kind” of storm tonight.  We were in Walmart when it hit (where else would we be?) and had to drive home in the thick of it…torrential downpour and blinding lightening (seriously, bad lightening).  It’s kind of neat to drive in a lightening storm because you have no choice but to look at it and it’s awesome!  Just another reminder of how powerful our God is!  We have considered a hotel for the night but after Andrew watched the news he felt like the worst was over so it should be safe (famous last words). 🙂  Since we are under a tornado watch until 4am I plan to stay up for awhile and keep a check on the weather. I can’t think of any place I’d rather NOT be than in a camper if a tornado hit!  Thankfully, the bathhouse is open so we can make a mad dash for it if things get too rough.  It is a little exciting, though, in a crazy sort of way.  It keeps it interesting for sure.  Plus, it gives me something to post about on days like today when we’ve had a pretty normal day.  There were a few exceptions, however.

The first excitement of our day was the text from Andrew not long after he left for work saying that there was a store going out of business and their Crocs were 75% off! So, after breakfast (we had to put school on hold for this one) we loaded up and headed to town.  When we got there we realized everything in the store was 75% off!  I left there with 2 woven baskets (the store clerk gave me one of them), 2 jars of lip gloss (she gave those to Sarah and Emma), and 16 pairs of Crocs ! Now, before you think I have gone mad you should know they were not all for us.  Only 5 of those pairs were for our family.  The other 11 were for Andrew’s family.  They are Croc wearers too and I knew they wouldn’t want to miss out on this deal.  Guess we’ll have to make a “special delivery” to Florida soon (any excuse is a good one, right?).   There were so many cute things at the store and I could’ve bought a lot more but this is one huge plus to living in a very confined space…no room for anything extra!  It has saved me so much money in the past few weeks.  In the words of Sweet Brown (but with my own spin on it), “Ain’t nobody got room for that!”

I wanted to take a picture of the actual heap we bought but they are still in the van and I’m not going out there to get them so, this picture from the internet will have to do!

Another exciting thing we found outside our camper today (I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed this before and it was actually Anna who saw it today) was a boxed in flower bed! I was ecstatic!  I LOVE flowers and working in a flower bed…in the dirt…with my bare hands!  There is something so primitive and earthy (for lack of a better word) about it.  It brings me great joy to dig and plant and grow!  So, when we were in Walmart this evening we stocked up on some seeds and other gardening “must haves”.  We are on a mission tomorrow, as long as the weather clears up.  Not only can we have a flower bed, but we can build a small box garden and grow some produce.  Now we’re talkin’!  We will have a wonderful science project right here on our campsite.  The girls and I can’t wait!  By the way, we did come back home after our shoe buying extravaganza and complete a full day of school (just in case anyone thought we just spent the whole day trying on Crocs).  😉

And our last great find of the day was a Schwinn bike on clearance.  I have been looking for bicycles for Andrew and I for awhile but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for one.   Needless to say, when he found this one I was a little over joyed.  🙂  We are looking forward to family rides through the campground in the evenings very soon.  Hopefully,  we can spend the summer uninjured!

Oh, one more thing.  We saw the strangest thing today… a bobtail squirrel!  It was almost comical to watch it jump around without that big, bushy tail.  I hope to get a picture of him… very strange indeed!

Sounds like the storm has passed (thank The Lord for His protection) so I’m going to lie down for some shut eye.  Goodnight all.

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