4/13/2013: Day 24

As we all know today was Saturday (yay) but it didn’t feel like Saturday here at the campground.  We ended up doing school…it was tough, believe me! Andrew will be off  Monday (his first day off that we will spend here)  and we are going to plan a family adventure….not sure what that is going to be but there are many choices.   We also had to break down and do laundry today.  I’m telling you, the laundry mat is the way to go.  I was able to put all 5 loads in at the same time and the clothes were done (except for putting them up) within 1 hour!  It was great.


The girls and I went outside later this afternoon to check out the flower bed situation.  I really felt like it was on our site so we started cleaning it up.  It felt so good to be in the dirt again!   While we were working one of our other neighbors came over to say hi and I mentioned it to him.  Guess what??? The flower bed belongs to the neighbors!  Oops!  They haven’t came back since last week so when they return I guess I’ll be making an apology.  At least their bed is all cleaned up and ready to plant in.  🙂  Now, I’m going to get Andrew onto the project of making us our own boxed beds for flowers and vegetables.   Another neighbor of ours came by and brought us some flowers from her garden to plant in ours (well, the neighbors).  Once we found out it was off limits, Andrew fixed us up some milk jugs to put them in until we can get them in the ground.  Have I mentioned how nice people are down here…it’s that southern hospitality! 🙂

DSC_0321[1] DSC_0320[1] DSC_0319[1] DSC_0323[1]

The wonderful neighbors with the daughters close to our girls’ ages came back for the weekend.  We hung out with them tonight  at the park and they invited us over again for Smores…great family.

Well, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open again tonight so I’m calling it quits!  Looking forward to a day in the Lord’s House tomorrow.

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