4/14/2013: Day 25

We had another wonderful church service this morning (same church we went to last week).  We made it in time for Sunday School (which made the girls VERY happy..they have really missed it at our church back home) and enjoyed it very much.   Come to find out they use the same curriculum we used at our church in Virginia.  🙂   After church we decided to stop at a diner that we have passed both Sundays.  The parking lot was packed so we figured it had to be good.  Me and the girls ordered roasted pork with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn (it was okay).  Andrew ordered “The Tommy Burger” (I think it was the best burger I have ever tasted).  It was so big I had to take a picture of it!  Needless to say the next time we go back I know what I’m ordering.  I also had to get a picture of a sign out front…my Dad would appreciate the menu on Thursdays. 🙂  It’s not every day you discover a restaurant that serves frog legs.  I can still see those things jumping around in the pan when my parents would fry them….good memories!

IMG_0438[1] IMG_0439[1]


The weather was quite a bit cooler and rainy so we had a “hang out in the camper day”.   Of course we did a little Ruzzle challenging (I am undefeated) and the girls worked in their art lesson books while Andrew had a nap.  Anna was a little frustrated because she had to stay inside.  It’s tough when they’re used to having the campground to run around in and then on days like today, having to stay inside in a confined space and “be bored”.   Thankfully, we made it through the afternoon without any major ordeals except an occassional spat.

After eating dinner we headed back to church for the 6pm service and it just might have been better than the one this morning.  There was a missionary and his family there from the Phillipines and he preached a wonderful sermon.  We haven’t been to Wednesday night serivce there yet but may go this week  and check it out too.

Well, another tiring night so I’m going to bed.  Looking forward to our day out tomorrow with Andrew.

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