4/15/2013: Day 26

I have decided I can’t blog in bed anymore…it’s too dangerous.

After falling asleep for 3 nights in a row and waking up to words I didn’t even know I had typed and messing up the screen size, I thought I’d better sit at the table where I’m wide awake.  I did finally get the screen fixed today after googling the problem.  Somehow, when I was sleeping, I had went into the “View” tab and zoomed out of my screen.  I couldn’t have done that if I was awake!  So tonight it’s “eyes wide open”.

Well,  I did it…I finally started running again.  It felt soooo good!  I love to sweat (is that weird?).  It was so nice to have this big campground to run around in too.  I even got to jog around the lake and watch the geese (which I kept a close eye on because I’ve seen too many “AFV” episodes involving them).  It was so peaceful I actually turned off my tunes just so I could “listen”.  I’m looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow morning too.  I’m on the count down for May 27th (the day the pool opens).  Must. Wear. Bathing. Suit.

I have discovered another advantage to living in an RV.  We cleaned “house” today (and I mean cleaned) and guess how long it took… less than 2 hours!  We started later in the morning and were finished by lunch.  Before, it took all day and sometimes I would still have to stay up late into the night to finish.  That alone is reason enough for me to want to stay long term. 🙂

We ended up playing putt-putt golf today with Andrew.  I haven’t played in years so it took me awhile to get back into the “swing” of it.  Anna and Emma really enjoyed it.  They were running from hole to hole and swinging with a purpose (we may have golfers on our hands)!  We didn’t keep score but I know the winner WAS NOT me!  I believe Andrew outplayed us all.  He does love golf.

DSC_0331[1] DSC_0344[1] DSC_0342[1]

We threw together an impromptu dinner (black bean quesadilla nachos…check out the recipe page) DSC_0349[1]

DSC_0352[1] and headed to Anna’s softball game.  They had another win tonight and beautiful weather to play in.

DSC_0354[1] DSC_0358[1] DSC_0364[2]

We ended the day with a campfire and our favorite…homemade white cheddar popcorn (thought I was going to say S’mores, didn’t you?).


We had another great day and looking forward to a repeat tomorrow. 🙂

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