4/17/2013: Day 28

I realized this morning that I was wrong about the sunrise (from yesterday’s post).  This is going to sound VERY blonde but it is what it is…we have sun darkening blinds in our bedroom.  Need I say more?  I got up this morning to go run and when I walked out the door the sun was up.  I just wanted to correct my mistake.

We had a busy day today!  After our normal morning routine of breakfast, chores, and some school work we were off to take Bitsy to the groomer.  The name alone was strange…”Luca’s Kitchen” (um, what exactly do they cook?).  But when we went  inside it was an actual “dog cafe” that made homemade dog treats (the grooming area was in an adjoining room).  It looked just like a bakery (for humans) but when you took a closer look at the goodies in the glass case, they were of the canine sort. Very unique!  I wanted to post a picture of her after her cut but the battery was dead in my camera. 🙁  I’ll try to post one tomorrow.  She looks so cute with the little bows in her hair.

After ending our “pull out your hair” school day (have I mentioned how difficult it has been to do school since we’ve been here???…all we want to do is PLAY!), everybody scrambled around to get  ready for church.  We ate dinner on the go tonight (Zaxby’s has become our go-to on Wednesday’s because kid’s meals are only .99 and I love their grilled chicken salad) and motored on to The Lord’s House.  We had a good service and one of the men there that has been exceptionally nice to us took us to McDonald’s afterwards for dessert!  Such a kind man!

All is quiet now and even the rain has stopped. 🙁  Going to go to bed so I can get up for my run (now that I know I can’t use darkness as an excuse).  Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!
Wait! One more thing…for some reason some of the pictures I upload at times don’t display fully (they have a gray bar on them).  I have worked almost endlessly trying to get them fixed and it just doesn’t work.  If you click on them it should pull them up full size for you to view.  Sorry about that but I haven’t figured out what the error is or how to correct it! If any of you have a clue please comment!


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