4/19/2013: Day 30

What a way to start the morning!  The wind was blowing so hard it woke me up out of a dead sleep.   There were a few times I was actually scared that it was going to blow us off!  Those of you who have experienced strong wind in an RV know what I’m talking about (the camper’s shaking…sounds like it’s going to rip apart)!  I installed NOAA Radio on my phone around 5:30 this morning so we could get any warnings that might be issued today.  That is one disadvantage to living in a camper…the storms.  But, I’m thankful I can call on the Shelter of the Storm anytime and He hides us in The Rock! 🙂

I really enjoyed other parts of my morning, however…yes, I had cream cheese danish for breakfast!  I would’ve liked to had it for lunch and dinner too but we ATE IT ALL!!! 🙁  Some things just don’t last long enough.



If I’m not mistaken (and I could be…I’ve been trying to remember but you all know that isn’t a strong point of mine), today is the first day I haven’t left the campground since we’ve been here.  It was nice not to have an agenda outside of our “camper’s commune.”  I had never thought about it before but that’s kind of what it is…this little community where only it’s residents and registered guests are allowed and we all live together and look out for each other.  I never thought I’d have the opportunity to live in a commune!  Now…if we only had a Walmart (actually, I’d rather have a Target if I had to choose…much cooler and they sell Larabars)!  If a community garden starts up, I’m really going to wonder.  🙂

We spent the evening just hanging out (after Andrew got back from the gun show, that is).  Emma came to me and wanted to learn how to do Sudoku.  I told her it was just too difficult for her.  She wouldn’t accept that so I sat down with her and briefly explained it (thinking all this time that she would never “get it”).  She took her pencil and started working it!  I couldn’t believe it.   Anna was upset that she still didn’t know how to do it so Emma sat down and taught her too! DSC_0436[1] I was amazed!  I would’ve never thought a 5 year old could’ve grasped it (it took me longer than her to understand it).  So, I spent the evening sitting with them and giving them tips on how to finish it up (while Sarah carried around the iPod singing praise songs).  😉

Great family bonding time.


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