4/20/2013: Day 31

This morning got off to a cold start.  I was awakened from a deep sleep with a sensation of being very cold.  I got out of bed and realized I wasn’t dreaming…it was FREEZING in this RV!   The heat was running but there was only cold air blowing out.  Well, guess what…we had ran out of propane!  A smart camper will have a back up heater for times like these…and it just so happened that we had 2!  We learned a valuable lesson on Day 1 about always having an alternative heat source.  There are some mistakes you don’t make twice.  😉

Have you ever had one of those “lazy” days?  You know…the days where it seems you spend lots of time trying to get something done on the computer, or you just can’t put down that book you’re reading, or you are caught up in that reality series you love.  Today was one of those days for me.   The cold weather did not help my sedentariness at all(I realize this isn’t a word but I’m using it anyway).  I wanted to hibernate.  I wore my pajamas until late afternoon.  This is just what cold weather does to me.

And speaking of clothing…another great thing about living in a camper is you can wear the same clothes for several days in a row before washing them.  Why? ….

1.  Most everyone else does it.
2.  There is a different classification of dirtiness when you are camping (I mean, what does “dirty” mean anyway?)
3.  You do not own a washer/dryer therefore you must re-wear clothing as much as possible to decrease load size.
4.  You usually don’t see the same people everyday so…who cares?…and if you do see them, they’re probably wearing their same clothes too.

In the later afternoon, I had enough of doing nothing.  I got dressed (same clothes as yesterday) and we all went to the playground with our neighbors.  We really enjoy having another family here at the campground to hang out with.  During the week there haven’t been very many people here and when there is it’s older couples.  So, we look forward to the weekends when our new friends are here.  After play time, we all headed to “Big Al’s Pizza” for dinner.  They have one of the best pepperoni pizzas I’ve eaten and you get to tell them what kind of pizza you want on the buffet!  Pretty neat.

Now I’m sitting here trying to get this post finished (before midnight), Andrew and the older girls are playing miniature table games in the kitchen, and our baby girl is snoozing away in their bedroom. Life is good.

Anna wanted me to post a picture of her math worksheet.  She is working on fractions and geometrical shapes and this is one she had to make using her geometry tools…she did an excellent job on it.  IMG_0451[1]A little math fun… See if you can find the answers:*  The smallest triangle is what fraction of the whole?
*  How many lines are in the figure?
*  How many triangles are in the figure?
*  How many rhombuses are in the figure?
*  How many regular hexagons are in the figure?




One funny thing before I go…today, when I was on the computer, Sarah was walking around with the iPod singing praise songs (she really does this A LOT).  She was standing on the steps that go up to our bedroom and she said “Let us all stand for the reading of God’s Word!”  She is so funny!  I jokingly say that we may have a Pentacostal on our hands!  Sometimes I really wonder!

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