4/21/2013: Day 32

What a whirlwind of a day!  We made a last minute decision to drive to Tennessee to meet my parents today and get the last load of our belongings (grill included).  After we got out of church (a different one by the way…enjoyed it) we headed northeast.  I don’t even have to explain this picture…(If you don’t have a clue read previous posts).


We hadn’t gotten too far into our trip when Bitsy vomited all over Andrew!  We had to pull off the road and let him get cleaned up.  By the time we were through let’s just say he didn’t look have the best color about him.  Poor thing.  And when we stopped at Taco Bell to get Emma and Sarah some tacos (they LOVE tacos) the truck battery died in the drive thru!  Andrew had to coast through and yell at them as he passed by the window that it would be a minute because his battery died.  I went inside and paid for/collected our food while the workers came out and pushed Andrew out of the drive thru lane (traffic was blocked behind him).  Thankfully, it started back up on it’s own and we were able to get back on the road.

It was so good to see my mom and dad.  Mom cried when we got there and cried when we left.  I hope it gets easier for her.  I know it’s tough on them.  The girls were so excited to get to spend some time with them.  I just wish it could’ve been longer.  By the time Andrew and Dad got our things transferred to our truck and we sat with them for a bit, it was time to go. 🙁

We headed back down to the peach state loaded to the max.  I realize this looks very unsafe (as if it’s all just thrown in there) but I can assure you there was a method to the madness and it’s securely strapped in (my dad is the “Master of Tie-downs”).IMG_0460[1]

I love the drive from North Carolina to Georgia.  The view of the mountains is breathtaking.  Have a look…

I also snapped a shot of what looked to be a recycled metal sculpture in downtown Asheville (at least I think that’s where we were).


All in all, the trip was great.  The only other mishap we had was when a lid blew off one of the boxes and papers flew out all over the interstate.  We pulled off an exit (where I got the metal sculpture photo) and assessed the situation.  After realizing the papers we lost weren’t important and the traffic was too crazy on the interstate to try to retrieve them, we decided to count our losses and motor on.  I hate to litter and it really bothered me to just leave them but it wouldn’t be worth our lives if we tried to get them off the busy interstate.  I’d really like to die for a greater cause than a sheet of paper.  :/

I’m “running on fumes” tonight so I’d better “call it a day” and “hit the sack”.  If I wasn’t as “tired as a mule” I might be able to think of a few more old sayings to throw in there.


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