4/22/2013: Day 33

We have had it too good lately.  Things have been going too smoothly.  I should have seen this coming.

Our bathroom flooded…AGAIN (thankfully it was all clean water this time).  For some reason unknown to us, the water continued to run into the bowl after it was flushed and overflowed the bowl and flooded the floor.  Emma and Anna started yelling that the bathroom was flooded this morning.  I thought it was just a little water in the floor.  Boy, what a surprise I got when I opened the door and about 1/2 an inch of water was standing in the floor and the water was still running!  It’s one of those moments when you don’t really know what to do because you can’t think straight and YOU REALLY JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!  Of course Andrew was already at work so I did the only thing I could think of…I ran to the neighbors (I’m still in my pajamas, mind you).  He turned off the water at the source which is a faucet behind our camper (now why couldn’t I think of that?).  Then he told me to flush the toilet (DUH).  Again,  I just wasn’t thinking.  After getting all the water up and turning on a heater and fan, things dried out pretty quickly.  I sure was glad that didn’t happen while we were gone to TN yesterday!  Talk about a mess…we would’ve had one!  One thing that made me feel a little better was our neighbor said everything has had happened to them too.  We all start out as amateurs I guess.  We only make it to professionals by going through all this “fuzz.” 🙂

After the morning’s excitement, we headed to the laundry room to get that heaping mound of clothes washed.  I can’t imagine how much dirty laundry we’d have if we didn’t wear our clothes for more than one day!  The girls pre-treated while I sorted and loaded up the washers.  Then we headed to the parking lot to ride bikes and scooters.

The bonus for laundry duty today was getting to meet a couple new mommas here at the campground.  I have to tell a funny story about my conversation with one of them (please keep in mind that I have already exhibited signs of “brain fog” this morning).  We were chatting and discovered that we both moved and are living here full time and have been since the beginning of April.  I asked her where she moved from and she said “Central America.”  In my mind I’m not thinking of the central region of the Americas…I’m thinking “central USA.”  So I ALMOST say to her “Oh, really? Like Ohio???!!!!”  I’m so glad I didn’t say anything and looking back I don’t really know why I didn’t (but I’m so glad)!  And even funnier is the fact that Ohio isn’t even in the central USA!!! So I would’ve made an idiot of myself on two accounts!  I told Andrew about it this evening and we had a good laugh!

Anna had another game this evening.  It was a clincher.  The score was 0-0 in the sixth inning.  Runners on first and third.   The girl up to bat hit an in the park home run.  Anna’s team won 3-zip.  I missed it all, unfortunately.  Sarah had taken a late nap and snoozed through most of the game.  When she finally woke up we were trying to get things loaded up in the van and we had a visitor.  That sweet man from the church we’ve been going to dropped by to give us two dozen eggs!  I was so glad we were running late or we’d have missed him.  I’m telling you these are nice people down here!  The strange thing is when I was putting them in the fridge I realized quite a few of our other eggs had frozen and cracked.  I thought, “You know, God is  providing for us…He knew what had happened to those eggs.”  He really is so good!

Since we had such an eventful day and I hadn’t been able to prepare dinner, we decided to go out to eat (we really have to stop doing this so much…it’s nice because we aren’t used to having so many choices).  We found a little restaurant that served all you can eat “whole” catfish.  It had been a long time since I’ve had a whole fish on my plate!    The girls thought it was cool and the waitress brought us out two dishes of shrimp… on the house!  Nice!  I love it here! 🙂



Now everyone is in bed asleep but me and I am quickly to follow.  Sweet dreams!

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