4/23/2013: Day 34

Play day!

We started the morning out with a walk around the campground and discovered thousands (maybe even millions) of tadpoles around the lake!  Some of you know how much we love tadpoles…if you want a great science project to involve your kids in check these out!  The best thing about these is we don’t have to bring them home and care for them!  We’ll just go to the lake every few days and monitor their changes.  Cool stuff!


We spent some time later in the morning at the playground with the daughter of one of the moms I met in the laundry room yesterday.  We were having big fun until they started mowing around it…not good for allergies so Anna had to come inside. 🙁    We invited them over for a PB & J lunch (Anna is such a sweetie…she cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast while she was waiting on us to come back to the camper!) which we enjoyed very much.  Then we went for a ride on their golf cart…you already know how much I want one (that didn’t help).  I love being able to meet new people and make new friends.

The girls did some creek exploring behind the camper (one thing I always loved as a kid).  Emma became very involved in an “experiment” with water and mud.  The other girls eventually abandoned their play and joined her.  They came to the conclusion that it doesn’t take a whole lot of mud to dirty up clean water. 🙂

I made one of our favorite meals…homemade potato soup!  We had all the trimmings too (bacon, green onions, cheese).  It’s nice to have those “comfort foods”.


Andrew brought home a truck load of wood today…


So of course we had to have a campfire and S’mores…aaaahhhh…have I told you how much I enjoy “camper life”???

DSC04754 DSC_0473[1] DSC_0472[1] DSC_0471[1]


And here a few shots from the day I just couldn’t pass up!

Can you say "man's best friend"?
Can you say “man’s best friend”?


bobtail squirrel
bobtail squirrel


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