4/24/2013: Day 35

Today was the first day I have felt a twinge of homesickness since we moved.

Maybe it was the rainy day or maybe it’s that emotional time we women experience monthly (the cause of a lot of our woes, right?).  I don’t know why but I thought today, “It would be nice to go home.”  It wasn’t that it made me terribly sad…I just REALLY realized for the first time that I won’t be going back to our house anymore (at least not in the  sense of living there) and it made me miss it.  It’s strange how things just kind of “hit you”, isn’t it?

Our evening at church really helped to lighten my spirits, though!  It’s so wonderful to have a place you can go and be with other believers and forget about all the cares of the world.  I guess we all need a reminder that our “Home” is not of this world.  🙂  Thank the Lord!

This is the shortest post yet!  I can’t believe it but I’m just at a loss for words.  One thing I wanted to update on is our ladybug problem.  The article I read was right…they hang out in your home during the winter and when it warms up outside, they leave.  Problem solved!  So glad…those little critters can be annoying (like the time one flew in Andrew’s mouth while he was talking…hilarious!).


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  1. We are here in this life for but a flash. Don’t waste it worrying about what COULD
    happen, what DID happen or what DID NOT happen. Keep your attention on what is happening NOW. There are no limits to your potential other than the mental limits you
    place upon yourself.
    You were born with greatness within you DYING to be expressed. No more limits, no
    more excuses… today and from this day forward – choose to BE the greatest
    version of yourself. Pretty soon your world will be a living reflection of WHO you’ve
    chosen to become! Love and miss all of you ♥♥♥♥♥


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