4/25/2013: Day 36

Unfortunately, I’m a little late getting today’s post published.  I usually write the blog in the evenings after I get the girls in bed but I fell asleep before I even got started on it.  Some days are just so busy and when I am still for more than 5 minutes…zzzzzz!

Today’s post may seem a little repetitive…campfire, bike riding, eating…but those are all the great things about camping, right?  So,  we do them often!  One highlight of the day was Emma’s birthday dinner.  Her big day is actually tomorrow but because we have several things going on we decided to eat together today (and she also got her presents from us).


More family bike riding…even Andrew showed off his skills.

We went a little crazy with picture taking today!   I figured out how to operate the timing function on my camera.  It’s a little excessive but, on the other hand, we got some great shots.

Candid moments…

DSC_0560[1] DSC_0557[1]

And I wanted to show you a picture of one of the many places we want to visit. This is Brass Town Bald.  This is the highest natural point in the state of Georgia (at 4784 feet above mean sea level) and is known to the native Cherokee people as Enotah.  You can see it from our campground but it’s very distant, as you can tell from the picture.


And this is how we ended our day (mine, of course, was chocolate). 🙂


We were blessed with such a beautiful day…homesickness sure can’t last long around here!  🙂

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