4/27/2013: Day 38

Hello from Virginia (you never know where we’ll be from day to day)!

The girls and I made the drive this morning back to my hometown to visit family and friends.  We have been looking forward to this trip all week.  A  weekend of relaxation, family, great food, and fun times!

The greatness started with the trip…not ONE bathroom stop!  I’m pretty sure this could be a Guinness World Record.  We have produced a couple  (especially one) very small bladdered children.  Even the dog made it.  I was one happy momma.  I may have said this already in an earlier post but now that I have children I understand why my dad would get aggravated when he would have to stop on trips.  I guess that’s why we ended up with a bucket in the back of the truck…no, I am not kidding (if you know my dad he is hard core at everything he does…even driving).

We stopped not too far from home and picked up 2 of my nieces on the way to join in the festivities.  It was a circus of commotion when we arrived…hugging, greeting the animals, unpacking, getting everyone ready.  Tonight was Emma’s kindergarten graduation so we had to kick it into high gear to make it on time.  It was so wonderful to see the other homeschool families again (I sure did miss those of you that weren’t there…Diana, Susan, Melissa, Heather C.).  The kid’s did a wonderful job on their performances.  Emma quoted “The Little Turtle” poem that she had memorized this year…I was beaming. 🙂

DSC_0586[1] DSC_0602[1]

And this is Emma getting her “diploma.”



It would’ve been even more wonderful if we were actually done after tonight.  Unfortunately, after several illnesses in December and then our move we will be doing school into July. 🙁  That is one advantage to homeschooling though…flexibility.

My younger sister and her family and all of us (plus my 2 nieces) piled in at my mom and dad’s and spent the evening relaxing.  I introduced them to Ruzzle (I think Mom is already hooked).  And we ended the night with…you’ll never believe this…the “Harlem Shake.”  My sister had to explain to me what it was (I had seen lots of posts on facebook about it but never understood it).  So, we thought we’d give it a try!  It was hilarious!  Everybody had some kind of funny costume or prop and we were all jumping around having a blast!  It’s good to “let your hair down” every now and then and have some good, clean fun!  I love spending time with family. 🙂


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