4/30/2013: Day 41

Home sweet home!  We are back in Georgia tonight and it feels so good to be back in my own bed (yes, I’m blogging in bed again…sometimes I have to because it’s just too comfortable).

I have been slack on blogging since our first day in Virginia.  We were so busy not only spending time with my family but trying to get our house ready for the renters to start moving in today.  I thought it would be easiest just to recap the whirlwind visit all in one post starting with Sunday.  So, here we go!

It was so good to see everyone!  I guess you don’t realize how much you miss someone until you see them again…does that make sense?  We all went to church together Sunday morning at our little country church…it was so good to see our church family too.  Love those people.

We also were able to enjoy a meal at our favorite restaurant…La Casa!  Yummy!  There’s not much better than good Mexican.

We had Emma’s birthday celebration with family at my parents’.

DSC_0706-001 DSC_0719-001

And any time our family is together someone has to bring out a deck of cards…

DSC_0713-001 DSC_0714-001

The kids, of course, were being silly.


And the animals had a great time too.


The apple trees were in bloom.


It was a little bitter sweet leaving this time.  We knew it could be the last time we were ever in our house again.  It was nice to reflect on all the blessings God has given us over the years and know that He has many more in store.

On the drive back, we stopped at a neat restaurant not too far from the campground.  They had great food and the best thing about it was they had a “pet friendly” outdoor patio so Bitsy was able to hang out with us too.

Andrew also took some cool pictures of the lake at dusk.  I love the lake at night.  Here’s one of them…


Now I’m sitting here in bed getting VERY sleepy so I have to wrap it up!





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