May 2013

5/30/2013: Day 71

It’s good to be home…even though home is only a 36 ft. camper.  It’s still “home.” We had such a good time in Florida with our family.  I was afraid […]

5/27/2013: Day 68

We are back in the sunshine state!  We drove down on Saturday, late afternoon, for the holiday weekend.   I’m not sure who’s having more fun…us or the kids. 😉  We’ve […]

I am soooo hungry! Andrew and I started our healthy eating and exercising hard core this week and I am suffering (not really but these first few days are always […]

5/18/2013: Day 59

Oh, the weekend!  I love Saturday evenings because Andrew doesn’t have to work the next day AND we get to go to church!  Two “greats” in one day. 🙂 Today […]

5/15/2013: Day 56

It’s been a great day…the sun was shining, the temperatures were VERY warm, and the dog had a bath (I didn’t realize just how bad she stunk until she smelled […]

5/12/2013: Day 53

Happy Mother’s Day!  I just want to say I’m so thankful for my momma.  She has been such a wonderful mother to me and my two sisters and lived a […]

5/11/2013: Day 52

We received some excellent news today…our friends are staying until Monday!!! Woohoo!!!  We get another day of fun before the party ends and it’s back to the real world. 🙁  […]

5/10/2013: Day 51

I am going through blogging withdrawals!  I can’t believe it’s been three days since I’ve posted anything…I must have been lulled into a blogging stupor. 🙂  No, really, I’ve been […]

5/7/2013: Day 48

“The sun will come out tomorrow”…today! It has been a lovely day.  Blue skies (occasional clouds) and warmer temps! We sooo needed this day.   After all these days of rain […]

5/5/2013: Day 46

What a blessed day!  Church was AWESOME…very spiritual, wonderful sermon, 3 teenagers were saved and 2 rededicated!  It was so refreshing to see people give their  heart to Jesus.  It […]