5/2/2013: Day 43

We have renters…Yay!!!  A wonderful family moved in this week and we are so thankful.  They have actually been our neighbors for a long time so the neighborhood is glad that there are no worries about “what” might come in. 🙂  It’s such a relief to have good people taking over your home. 
We are trying to get back into the swing of things here in the camper.  It’s difficult after being gone for several days…especially when you bring home about 12 extra loads of laundry (no exaggeration).  I took all of our summer clothes with me to VA over the weekend and washed them at our house so I wouldn’t have to pay at the laundry mat (which would have cost A LOT…how much is a kidney going for these days anyways?).  Now my job is to figure out what we have and how to make it fit.  It’s a very good possibility we will be getting rid of more things…I love limited space (seriously). 
Speaking of space…we brought our TV back with us as well.  I never realized just how big this thing was until we put it in the camper.  It’s like we have a movie theater screen in our bedroom.  It’s a little much for this small space but my husband is happy. 
Something that has been difficult for me since beginning this camping journey is living as one with spiders.  It is no secret that I have had a very deep dislike for the not always little, eight legged arachnid.  My fear of them isn’t as bad as it used to be though (due to gardening and catching/studying them).  But I still have it.  It’s really the main reason why I had our house sprayed every year (I’m sure those of you that are anti-pesticide are cringing right now).  Well, we have found our share of spiders here in the camper (one of them was crawling on my neck….EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!).    Today, Anna (who is more afraid of them than me),  starting screaming in the kitchen.  I spun around expecting to find a fire or water flooding the floor or some other catastrophe.  It was a spider.  It looked a little like a brown recluse so I grabbed a jar and caught it (if that thing had have gotten on me…well, it wouldn’t have been pretty).  We whipped out our insect identification book and realized the only way to know for sure was to inspect it closely.  I am not an experienced “spider handler” so this one’s going to have to be dead first!  We are waiting on it to suffocate so we can check it out.  I apologize to those of you who don’t believe in killing things…that’s just how it has to be for this girl.  My family will appreciate this story.  My mamaw (Granny Rose as some called her) had a hobby of sticking pins through the heads of unsuspecting insects and displaying them on the threads of her basket hangers…I can’t imagine what visitors thought when they came in, sat down in the chair, and looked over into the bugging eyes of all those little critters!  The amazing thing is they stayed beautiful.  She had some of the prettiest moths you had ever seen.  She was a very special lady. 🙂  As for me, I’ll just keep mine in sturdy, glass jars with tight (really tight) lids. 🙂
I guess that about wraps things up for today.  One thing I did want to share with you is a picture of “camper toiler paper.”  You have to see it to appreciate my description of it (previous post) and even then the picture really doesn’t do it justice either…you’d have to use it to fully understand (haha).  Pay close attention to it’s “porous” quality…
The funny saying of the day…Sarah was holding a flashlight against her hand and she said, “Look, Mom, you can see my brains!”  Hilarious! 

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