5/4/2013: Day 45

No power outages today!  The electricity came back on before we laid down to go to sleep, thank The Lord!  It is raining heavily again tonight, however.  We are under a flood warning until tomorrow night…hoping all these creeks around us don’t overflow!  I know one thing, I’ll see be glad to get the girls and the dog out to run and play again!  It gets to be pretty crowded in here after a few days.


We did break the monotony tonight and went to an auction!  It’s the first “real” auction I’ve been to since I was a little girl (I still remember what my parents bought me…a gray, fuzzy, bunny piggy bank…it’s funny the things you remember).  🙂  The girls were in awe of the “show” and Emma wanted Andrew to raise his paddle for nearly every item!

We didn’t bid on anything (I’m telling you, living in a camper saves money in more ways than one) but Andrew looked awfully hard at the “cattle prod.”   I’m not really sure what he had in mind, seeing as how we don’t own a cow.

We also had our first authentic North Carolina BBQ there.  It. Was. Awesome.  They were selling plates for $6 and it would’ve stood against any BBQ restaurant.  Those baked beans were YUMMY too.

We had a great time chatting with the locals and witnessing 2 preachers battle it out for a homemade cheesecake…it finally sold for over $100!  They even had chickens and the cutest little goat up for bids…too bad we don’t have our farm yet. 😉

I’ve been sitting here with Andrew while he watches a movie on our “too big for the room” TV.  🙂  The movie’s over now so I guess I’ll get settled in for bed…or maybe I’ll watch a bit of a movie too.  I really need to get in bed earlier.

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