5/5/2013: Day 46

What a blessed day!  Church was AWESOME…very spiritual, wonderful sermon, 3 teenagers were saved and 2 rededicated!  It was so refreshing to see people give their  heart to Jesus.  It made the girls’ day when the singers sang “He Knows My Name.”  We love that song and sing it often.  Their little faces just lit up!  It’s so wonderful to be fed and recharged for the week!

Speaking of being fed…we stopped at that little diner on the way home from church.  We hadn’t been there but a few minutes when the waitress spilled a glass of ice water on Anna and Sarah!  She felt terrible about it and I felt sorry for her because she felt so bad. The girls were fine and Sarah was enjoying playing in the water that made it on the table.  I told her the story of the time I was a waitress and spilled an entire glass of ice tea down an old man’s back (I’m not sure it made her feel any better..maybe I should’ve re-enacted the scream he made when it happened).  After that minor mishap, we were able to enjoy our food.  I’m not sure this picture does the size of these onion rings justice but hopefully you can appreciate it…


I also had to get that wonderful burger Andrew ordered last time.  Yum!   We figured we’d better splurge today because starting tomorrow we are going to be following a program called “Thrive” with Andrew’s twin and his wife…it’s time.  We’ve been “living it up” with not so healthy eating and it’s time we got back on track.  I have to say I dread it.  It’s never easy to stop eating the things you love but I know we’ll all feel better and hopefully look a little slimmer. 🙂

Between morning and evening church services I was able to lay down and take a NAP!  It’s so rare that I get to do that and it felt good!  Sarah and I snuggled up on the bed and snoozed!  I love hugging up to my gals and sleeping.  Anna and Emma spent the afternoon watching “Andy Griffith” and “Busy Town” on Netflix (getting Netflix again has been so nice…especially since we have fiber optic internet now and no buffering).  It makes rainy days more tolerable.

Tonight we went to a new church down the road from the campground.  It was a small church and very similar to our church back in Virginia…they even sang out of the same hymnal!  There was a group singing there from Tennessee and they were such a blessing.  We have definitely “been to church” today!

The rain is pouring down again tonight.  Anna is supposed to have a softball game tomorrow night and if it gets cancelled, we are considering taking the kids to Chick-fil-a and letting them play on the indoor playground.  We have got to get all their pent up energy out…soon!

Good night to all!

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