5/7/2013: Day 48

“The sun will come out tomorrow”…today!

It has been a lovely day.  Blue skies (occasional clouds) and warmer temps!


We sooo needed this day.   After all these days of rain we had to get out of these walls and PLAY!  It felt so good.

We started school earlier than normal too just so we could have extra outdoor time.  The girls worked on a Bible craft today that they really enjoyed.


Anna and Emma have been practicing for two days to see how fast they can put their United States puzzle together.   I think the fastest recorded time so far is 46 seconds…pretty impressive!  They are on a mission to beat their best time (if we can only keep Sarah from grabbing the states).


Once school was finished,  we headed out for some “down right dirty time.”  I talked to our neighbor a little over a week ago and we got the “okay” to use the flowerbed!  We started out with gloves but for dirt lovers like myself, it just didn’t feel right unless my hands were in it.  So…off came the gloves!  We had to do some scrubbing when it was all said and done but it was very worth it.


We even cleaned out the van (it had gotten so bad I was embarrassed to open the doors in public…now that’s bad).  I’m sure no one else lets their vehicles get in that shape. 😉

We ended the day with pizza at the park (yes, we broke down today and had pizza…DIET. OFF. TO. BAD. START.).  The girls and I ran around that playground like birds let out of a cage!  We’d better get all the playtime in that we can…more rain is in the forecast.

All of this activity has worn me out! I’m calling it a night!



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