5/11/2013: Day 52

We received some excellent news today…our friends are staying until Monday!!! Woohoo!!!  We get another day of fun before the party ends and it’s back to the real world. 🙁  All good things must come to an end, right?  Hopefully, they’ll be back soon to make more memories!

I started the day with a short walk before Andrew left for work…I had an entourage with me.


We had a great time.  I love getting up early and exploring with the kids.  Everything seems a little different during the early morning…almost as if it’s just waking up too. 🙂

Our adventures outdoors didn’t last too long because the rain started pouring down (we got caught in the middle of it while riding bikes/pulling the wagon and got drenched).  I was afraid we’d have to devise a “Plan B” for the kids (we just couldn’t handle 5 kids cooped up in a camper for an entire day).  Thankfully, the rain cleared this afternoon and we had sunny skies and plenty of playtime!  The kids (and one of the adults) played at the playground.


We also went for a stroll by the lake and checked out the tadpoles.

Getting to see the Canadian Geese and their goslings was a highlight!

But I think the frogs stole the show with the kids!  They took turns holding (I use this term loosely…squeezing might have been a more accurate word) them and even named them.  I only remember one name…”Hoppy.”

While giving the froggies some “loving” Keith also found an itsy bitsy turtle (and yes, I know about the salmonella on their shells…only one of the kids held it and there was extensive hand washing when we got back to the camper).







And look at this beauty…


Spring found this one hiding in the grass.  I discovered something about her today I didn’t know…she is a snake handler!!!  She grabbed that thing by the tail and held him right up!  Impressive!  Now I have it in my head that I want to catch one too…non poisonous, of course!

All the kids had a sleepover here in the RV again tonight so once they were fast asleep, the adults gathered around the fire and had  “pie irons.”  They were GOOD!  I had an apple one tonight and want to try cherry tomorrow.  I think I might have to buy some of those!

God blessed us with a wonderful day and we are so thankful!

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