5/12/2013: Day 53

Happy Mother’s Day!  I just want to say I’m so thankful for my momma.  She has been such a wonderful mother to me and my two sisters and lived a exemplary life of a God fearing woman.  This is the first Mother’s Day I ever remember not being with my mom.  Hugs and kisses are sent to Virginia for her from her girls here in Georgia. 🙂  I love you, Mom!

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day church service this morning.  They played a touching video for us moms and recognized the oldest mother there…97!!!  Isn’t that amazing?  She had her little hands lifted up praising The Lord too.  Emma and her friend, Amryn, went to the front of the church and sang with the choir at the beginning!  So proud!  Emma told me I was going to have to start taking her to choir practice so she would know the songs. 🙂   She has always loved to sing (I joked we should’ve named her Maggie and called her Magpie).

We got all the kids together for a snapshot at the fountain outside the church.  Are these beautiful kids, or what?


Our hubbies took us out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant and the moms were given a free dessert…SWEET (literally). We really wanted to go to Chop House but it was an hour wait for a table.  I called several places and it was the same story.  Next time I’ll know to make reservations. 😉

After lunch, Spring and I sent the kids back to camp with the dads while we ventured to Walmart for some supplies.  I’ve learned a lot from them while they’ve been here.  They are “seasoned campers” and have lots of good tips and tricks of the trade to share.  A couple things I bought today will help make things a little easier here at camp.

The basket for our bike will be helpful too but I mostly wanted it because they look so cute!


Now, I just have to master cooking over an open fire and we’ll be set!  That’s my next project. 🙂

On our way back to the campground we stopped at this little road side market that sold fresh strawberries (just picked this morning) and boiled peanuts (all you deep south people will appreciate those).  The man that owned the store was a “hot mess” (per Spring) and had this huge “boiled peanut still” (also per Spring) outside.  He let Spring get her a stir and, well, the picture says it all (yes, that is a sock in that big pot)!  I’ll be going back there often for the next few weeks for those delicious strawberries.

When we got home we started on low country boil.  For any of you that have never had it, you don’t know what you’re missing!  I posted it on the recipe page so you can experience it for yourself.  It’s awesome!  Apparently, you’re supposed to cover a big table with newspapers and just “throw” it all out on the table and everyone helps themselves (we had used all our newspapers for campfires but aluminum foil works too).

Spring also showed us how to make garlic toast on the fire (we’ve really been eating “camp food” this weekend…love it).

The kids enjoyed the low country boil as much as the adults.


We wrapped up the day with a campfire and pie irons.

This is how tired the kids were after our big day…


And this face and those hands show just how much fun they all had…


We sure will miss them when they leave tomorrow.  It’s been a grand weekend. 🙂


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