5/18/2013: Day 59

Oh, the weekend!  I love Saturday evenings because Andrew doesn’t have to work the next day AND we get to go to church!  Two “greats” in one day. 🙂

Today was an extra good Saturday.  Andrew finished delivering mail earlier than normal so we headed to the fair grounds for the “Big Green Egg Festival.”  Now, before moving here I had never heard of such a thing.  I read about it in the newspaper this week and was intrigued.  Unfortunately, by the time we got there the “shebang” was over but there were a few vendors still hanging around with their “eggs.”  One woman even put  what was left of a whole hog’s head on a plate and let us eat some of it…not really sure what part of the head we ate and don’t really want to know either (I just hope she de-brained it). 😉  Anyways, maybe next year we can get there early and get to partake of the goodies that were cooked.  I did get a few snapshots while we were there.



The girls and I had been holed up in the camper for the majority of the day due to the rain and trying to get some things done so we were all up for an adventure.  We decided to drive to Gainesville.  We’ve been wanting to go but hadn’t had the chance and (here’s the clincher) there’s a Target there.  Little did we know that the drive there took  us right through the Bavarian town, Helen (which we have also wanted to visit).  It really reminded me of a Gatlinburg in Georgia (minus all the “Ripley’s” attractions, of course)!  The buildings and shops were amazing and the sidewalks were packed with people.  We intend to go back and spend a day there just walking around.  The pictures really don’t do it justice ( I had to snap them from the car while driving down the street) but at least you can get an idea of the place.


The drive through Gainesville was enjoyable too.  We got to see some of those old Georgia homes.


Again, the pictures aren’t the best representation of the actual thing.  I wanted to get more photos of them but we were going a little fast to capture them (I snagged this one at about 80…hahaha just joking).  They were beautiful, though.  I love those old, stately homes.

Our trip to Target was a success too…they had Larabars WITH coupons! $1 off per box!  Score!  Plus we found a bunch of “Annie’s” snacks clearanced (it’s the little things, isn’t it?).

Before heading back to “the mountains” (that’s what Georgians call the part of the state where we live… (and rightly so) we stopped in at Chili’s for some soul food…yummy!


And, of course, we HAD to go by DD (Dunkin Donuts)…I have to say I only ate 2 blueberry donut holes!  That’s a record for me, I think!

Now we are all settled back at home-sweet-home in our beds.  Andrew and I are going to catch some of a movie before we call it a night.  I wanted to show one more thing!

This is our newest “camper help.”


 This, my friends, is a Berkey water filter (I have my friend, Spring to thank for this…along with numerous other products I have purchased over the last few years.  I dared her to get her Vitamix out around me!).  Seriously, though, we have spent so much money on bottled water since we have been living in the RV that it will pay for itself in the long run and is much better than bottled.  The company claims you can put stagnant pond water in here and it will filter it clean…not sure I’ll put that one to the test!  But I must say the water tastes different.  Is it possible for water to taste “lighter?”  Well, it does.  Plus the girls really enjoy water on “tap” instead of pouring it out of a jug.  So, here’s to clean water wherever we roam!



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  1. Kristy, I’m glad you discovered Helen, GA. I spent a summer as a BSU Missionary. One of the best summers. In fact I posted a picture on my FB page from 7/4/95 today. You should check out Cleveland which has the Cabbage Patch Kids Hospital. Your girls will love it.


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