5/22/2013: Day 63

I am soooo hungry!

Andrew and I started our healthy eating and exercising hard core this week and I am suffering (not really but these first few days are always the hardest).  You don’t realize just how bad you eat until you can’t have the bad stuff anymore (actually, it’s a no brainer…count all the times I’ve had Dunkin Donuts and S’mores since we’ve been here and it’s pretty obvious my diet has gone south!). It feels really good, though, knowing that we’re making changes for better health.  I just have to figure out how to stick with it during the winter (which is always my downfall).  Thankfully, I have several months to devise a plan.

We also found out today that the pool is open.  The girls have been watching it every day to check the progress (we can see it from our RV).  Today we noticed the lounge chairs were out and later, while doing laundry, we saw a man swimming in it.  The girls talked me into putting our feet in to check the temperature…bbuuuurrrr!  I sure hope it’s a scorcher tomorrow or else we’re going to freeze our tushies off!   They should be pretty easy to get up in the morning…all I’ll have to do is say we’re going swimming today.  Yes, I will have to use this to my advantage.  Oh, by the way, I’ve picked out my bathing suit…

Spring Chicken by James Montgomery c.1914Hehehe!

And more exciting news…we have sprouts!!!  Those seeds we planted in our flower bed several weeks ago have sprouted and are peeking through the dirt!  The girls have been so excited.  We check their progress nearly every day.  What a great science project!  We can’t wait to see them in all their glory.

The funny word of the day; “gymletic.”  Emma asked me today if she was gymletic.  I had no idea what she was talking about and knew she was using the wrong word, whatever she meant.  After further discussion with her I finally figured out she was meaning “athletic!”  Funny! I think I might start using that one!

I’d better get some rest so I can keep up with those three gymletic girls tomorrow!  Nite!

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