5/30/2013: Day 71

It’s good to be home…even though home is only a 36 ft. camper.  It’s still “home.”

We had such a good time in Florida with our family.  I was afraid I wouldn’t want to leave after being in a “real house” for a few days (long term campers can sympathize here).  But this camper life grows on you.  I’ve said for a long time now that it doesn’t matter where you go, how long you stay, who you see, or how nice the place is…there’s no place like home.

We got back into Georgia in the wee morning hours on Wednesday.  Thankfully, Andrew was off  so we were able to sleep in and take it easy (not sure how easy we actually took it…seemed we were busy all day)!  However, there’s no arguing that our trip to the beach park WAS relaxing!

The strangest thing was it actually FELT like we were at the beach…white sand, bluish water, sunbathers everywhere.  It was great.  Anna said it feels like we’re on vacation but we’re not…we LIVE on vacation…all the time!  Weird!  It really is pretty awesome (and I’m not trying to make anyone jealous). 😉  One difference between us and vacationers is that we still have to work and do school.  That kind of takes the real vacation feel out of it a little…only a little. 🙂

I’ll tell you one thing, this Georgia sun can play some tricks on you!  I put 50 spf sunscreen on my upper body and none on my legs.  My shoulders and back were almost blistered and I didn’t even have a tan line on my legs!  Now, explain the logic to that!  It’s a similar thing with the moon (now don’t ya’ll be thinking I’m nuts here)…the moon seems bigger here.  Andrew jokingly said, “Didn’t you know we’re closer to the moon in Georgia.” Ha!  But seriously, it does look bigger.   Things that make you go “hhhmmmm.”

We also hung out at the pool today.  Just to be safe we used a different brand of sunscreen and wore t-shirts…no more burn today. 🙂

Tonight we FINALLY put up lights on our awning…now it really looks like we’re campers (my camera battery just went dead so I’ll have to post the picture tomorrow)!

We hope to have another good day tomorrow.   God is good!IMG_0632[1]

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