5/31/2013: Day 72

Another great day!

We started school  earlier and were finished by lunch (yahoo!)

so we hit the pool wide open!  It is so nice to say, “Let’s go to the pool for awhile!”  The water still isn’t as warm as I’d like but it’s tolerable the longer you’re in it.

We were invited to a cookout with friends this evening…what a treat!  I took so many pictures while we were there but I’m going to try to keep them minimal (a very hard thing to do when there’s so many good ones).

The tear drop Josh made (this thing was NICE!)

Playing a little ball in the back yard (who says you have to have boys to do this)!

“Just a swingin.”

Candid moments

This chair brings “lounging” to a whole new level!


Hitting golf balls into the lake.

And we finished the night off with an extraordinary performance by the princess ballerinas!


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