6/1/2013: Day 73

I just want to say that I missed seeing all my friends at the Women’s Retreat at Camp Jacob today!  I hope you all had a wonderful day growing closer with The Lord and each other!

We had a whirlwind day today!  It started with a trip to one of our campground neighbor’s camper…they were getting rid of stuff and were giving away what was left!  I found some real treasures…towels, vacuum cleaner, clothes, down pillows, BREAD MACHINE (super excited about this), kitchen gadgets, and several other things!  And it was all FREE!  I love how God rains down blessings on us when we least expect it (right when I was REALLY needing new towels)!

We then did some running around and checking out a few yard sales (it’s a love/hate relationship…I love getting a good bargain but I hate having to dig through mounds of clothes to find anything).   We came home and spent another afternoon at the pool (I know…it’s tough).  😉  We were invited to another campground to hang out with a family from the church we have been attending.  I am so thankful for the wonderful people God has brought into our lives since we have moved here.  It is so amazing how we can see the Hand of The Lord working in our lives right now.  So exciting!

Anyways, back to the campground adventure! We had a great evening at Moccasin Creek State Park!  It is situated on Lake Burton and also has a fish hatchery on the property (it was closed by the time we got there but we plan to go back one day soon).  We had great food and even homemade peach ice cream (hadn’t had that since I was a young girl)!  Yummy!

The “kids” rode their bikes and played on the playground.

They also got to wet their lines in the ponds and caught a few catfish.

Looks like there’s been some frustrated fishers here (yes, that is lots of fishing line, lures, and bobbers up there)!

The kids also found a bunch of TINY frogs…so small they hardly seemed real.  They must have just finished morphing from a tadpole.

There is just something about water that draws me… so beautiful and peaceful.

Bottoms up!

Corn hole, anyone?  Andrew and Noah won every game (I see a rematch in the near future…did I mention I don’t like to lose???).

Evenings like this make this life even better!




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  1. Ladies & Andrew,
    We enjoyed having you visit us at the campground. We made some great memories that weekend and you all were a part of the fun! So glad that God has brought you to this area, and looking forward to getting to know you all better and worshipping together!
    Thanks for the post and the awesome pictures!
    Love the Rogers’
    Israel, Sherry, Noah and Riley


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