6/3/2013: Day 75

Today we spent the day doing the norm…tidying, school, cooking.

We did take a trip to town and get the books they had on hold for us.  There was a box full and the librarian let me know I was 10 books away from the limit (don’t think I’ve ever been in danger of checking out too many books at once before…I’m on the brink of being a library outlaw!). 🙂

The highlight of our day was pulling out that FREE bread maker and whipping up a loaf of multi-grain bread (it was a lot smaller than the loaves I normally make)!


But it was delicious (especially with a little apple butter…little might be an understatement).  Things are about to get Home Ec-ish in here.   I found a recipe for cinnamon raisin bread…oh yeah!  We might be sick of bread very soon. 😉

One of the things we really enjoy here at the campground is an evening walk.  I think the girls like it just as much as we do.  I just love that feeling when the air gets cool and darkness starts to fall and those frogs start singing…aaawww!  Calgon, take me away!   Seriously…it’s good therapy.

Now I can’t believe it’s after midnight!  It’s time for this peach to hit the sack!

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