6/6/2013: Day 78

We did it!!!   We reached 15 years today!  Andrew and I celebrated our crystal anniversary (had to google it to be sure…didn’t receive any crystal 😉 ).   He worked today so we had to wait until this evening to go on our hot date (with the children…that’s what happens when you move several hundred miles from either of your families).

The girls and I hung out at the pool this afternoon until time to get ready to go.  After going back and forth on where to go we finally decided on Enrico’s, an Italian restaurant that serves that wonderful bread with garlic dipping oil…mmmmmmm!  Wish I had thought to take a picture of my lasagna…yummy!

The girls made us the sweetest cards and gifts.  Here are pictures of a few of them.  And just for the record, I wore my paper bracelet all night. 😉  Emma didn’t give Andrew his headband until we got home from the restaurant…otherwise she would’ve insisted he wear it too (maybe a good thing she gave it to him late)!

And I had to have dessert on my birthday…white chocolate mocha frap (decaf of course and I got skim milk…to make me feel better about it). 🙂


I think this was the first anniversary we spent with our kids but it was still a great time…not romantic, but fun!  Happy anniversary to an amazing man and I pray we can celebrate many more wonderful years together (and a babysitter on our anniversaries…hehehehe).  😉

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