6/7/2013: Day 79

Is there such a thing as “too much pool?”  If so, we are in danger!  I feel like a teenager again, going to the pool and hanging out every day…that is until I realize I have 3 children with me, a one piece bathing suit on with a built-in skirt, and SPF 30!  My, how things have changed over the years!  At least I’m wiser now, right???  😉  That’s what I tell myself anyways!

This evening I had a girls’ night out (usually that would mean an evening out with my gal pals…tonight it means me and my little girls)!  After Anna’s softball practice, I took them out to eat at one of our favorite pizza joints (we won’t talk about what I ate there but I DID pass on dessert pizza and chose a LOWER fat salad dressing…and hey, that matters, JACK!).  They have a buffet with soup, salad, pasta, and lots of different pizzas (you actually get to order the pizzas you want on the buffet…that’s a first).  I discovered a new flavor tonight…taco pizza (don’t knock it ’til you try it…wow, I haven’t said that in a long time).  It was delicious and a little spicy (those close to me understand my love for some heat in my food).  It’s a “do-over!”

After our pizza cravings were satisfied, we headed down the road to a local church for Family Movie Night on the lawn, only, it wasn’t on the lawn because it rained so it had to be moved indoors.  That was great for me because there’s no mosquitoes biting in there. 🙂  They had popcorn, snow cones, cookies, and drinks and showed the movie “Dolphin Tale.”  It was an excellent movie and the girls were mesmerized!  Now they want to travel to Clear Water, FL and find Winter…road trip!

Now, I guess some of you are wondering where in the world is Andrew ?  Well, he had a men’s night with guys from the church we’ve been atttending.  They went to a cabin in the woods in North Carolina and camped.  Andrew didn’t “camp”…he slept in a real house, in a real bed (he has to have his rest and he had to work the next morning).  They had a big spread of food, some “pickin’ and grinnin’,” story telling, and of course there were some boys playing in the rain.  I’m going to have to find out if they have a women’s night as well!  Here are some pictures he took of his night out with the fellas.  He took a lot more pictures but I don’t like putting photos of others on here unless I have their permission.  🙁

And that’s all folks! Goodnight!


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