6/8/2013: Day 80

This is insane, but I haven’t been to Walmart in about 2 weeks so we loaded up this morning to get our fix.  Taking 3 children in there by yourself isn’t ideal but they do pretty good, after a threat or two. 😉  Once we got our goods, we headed back to the campground for some fun at the pool.

There are more people here this weekend so the pool was a little more crowded.  It also seemed to be a little cooler too with a breeze blowing and clouds rolling in so we didn’t stay too long and came back to the camper and started dinner…grilled chicken and potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Me being silly.

We have been excited about this evening because we had NOTHING planned to do outside of the campground.  We could stay here and relax and hang out.  We took our camper chairs to the playground and let the girls run wild while I read a book and Andrew lounged.

It felt so good just hang out and not be rushed to get here or there.

After playground time was over, we headed to our fire pit and invited our neighbors over for s’mores…such good bonding time.  And the summer’s only begun!

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