6/12/2013: Day 84

I realized a little too late that I posted today’s blog and the next day’s backwards.  Oops!  It was going to be too much work to change them around so you’ll just have to read today’s in retrospect! Sorry!

I don’t think I even have to tell you what we spent the morning doing…we invited some friends over to enjoy the water with us.


Donna gave Anna some very useful tips on learning proper swimming technique (she was a swimmer in her former life…that’s life before a husband and kids). 🙂

After our morning of splashing around having fun, we had a picnic lunch behind the camper.  When you have little ones that still need naps, once lunch is over it’s bedtime!  Our friends went home for their “down time” and Sarah agreed to try to go to sleep by herself!  I couldn’t believe it because I usually have to sit with her in the bed before she will even lay down.  I guess this is what happens with the baby in the family…mommas are a little more lax in their rearing (that or they just don’t have the energy to enforce things like they did with the others).  Her big sisters got her snuggled in bed with her animals and doll and within a short while she was off in dream land!  I was so glad!


While she napped the girls and I rode our bikes on the roads beside the camper.  It was so fun to be out enjoying some time with my two oldest.

I love my bike!

And our fun didn’t stop there!  Andrew went to church and I took the girls back for day 3 of VBS.  We’re really enjoying our evenings there.  Emma and Sarah got to jump in the bouncy house which was the highlight of the night for them.

Andrew was invited to go out to dinner with some people from church so the girls and I stopped by Subway and got a sub and some cookies and hit the beach park!  It was close to dark so we didn’t get to stay long but it was still a good time!

What a great way to end the day!

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