6/13/2013: Day 85

We’ve been banned from the pool. 🙁

Andrew said Anna shouldn’t swim today because she was supposed to have her first ALL STARS SOFTBALL GAME!!! We are so proud! 🙂  It turned out that a big storm blew through this evening and the games were cancelled (wish we had known all this at about 3:00 when it was good and sunny..we would’ve jumped right in!).

Despite the “no swimming rule,” we had a wonderful day anyways!  I took the girls to their first day of Story Time at the library (they allow all ages to participate so they all got to join in on the fun).  Next week a group is coming in to perform a play…we LOVE plays! 🙂

We left the library and headed to my friend, Jessica’s house.  It sure was nice to be in a “house” again!  I think I could live in the camper forever until I’m in a house and then I start missing things about one (full size fridge, full size oven, lots of cabinet and counter top space, and just plain old “space”).  It was so comforting being there…homemade cinnamon rolls baking in the oven, fresh baked cookies cooling on the counter.  You can imagine how wonderful it smelled when I walked through the door!

The kids made their own mini pizzas…

decorated their own cookies…

and got to play with kittens!

They also spent a little time in the game room…a.k.a. basement.

Seth even displayed his incredible talent of unicycle riding (this is something I don’t think I’ll ever attempt).


Jessica bought me the cutest gift that couldn’t have been more fitting for this time in my life.

Love. It.

After our rejuvenating afternoon, the task of laundry was a little more tolerable.  Actually, I don’t mind doing laundry when I can sit and read while the machines are going.  And it just so happened that’s what I got to do today.  That wonderful husband of mine watched the girls while I lost myself in a good book…I mean, slaved over the clothes! 😉

Thanks, Heather O., for suggesting this author!

It was right after I got the laundry finished and into the house that the storm unleashed itself (so thankful the DRY clothes made it inside before the rain started).   Boy, did the wind ever blow!  The lightening was pretty bad too.  Thankfully, it blew through quickly.

Since Anna’s game was cancelled, we were able to make it to VBS.  It’s a blessing the storm came because the girls would’ve missed the water slide.  They had a blast!  I don’t know how many bottles of baby oil and shampoo they used on it but it was a lot!

Needless to say, we were all ready for bed when we finally got home tonight!  Looking forward to another great day tomorrow in the Peach State!

Life is good!


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