6/14/2013: Day 86

It’s amazing how much work you can get done when swimming isn’t allowed!

We worked in the camper today to get everything in order because we knew it could be a crazy weekend with softball.  Everything looked so nice and neat…even got all that laundry put away from yesterday!  I have to say I have three wonderful little girls.  They help me so much (not always by choice or without complaint, but they are good workers).  I don’t ever want them to be afraid (or too lazy) to roll up their sleeves and dig in and work!

Anna’s first “Dizzy Dean All Star” softball game was tonight.


They rocked the diamond!  They won 11-1 and Anna scored 2 of the runs.

We didn’t get out of there until almost 11pm but it was worth the sacrifice!  I love night games…there’s something about playing in the lights (besides the fact that you’re not playing in the scorching sun).

Emma and Sarah had about as much fun as anyone.  Emma enjoyed watching the games but Sarah would’ve rather stayed at the playground (the fields are inside a big park).

I had to clean them up in the van with wipes before we left the field…no getting into bed with feet that black!

We’re headed back to the field at 11 in the morning for game 2!

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